The Fly Company | Questions answered on how we operate a UAV drone for filming and photography
Questions answered on how we can operate a UAV drone in the UK and Europe for aerial filming, photography, survey and inspection.
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Can the aircraft fly in the rain?

No unfortunately. We are unable to fly in any precipitation so that includes light rain and snow. We do monitor the weather conditions before a shoot and can advise if the conditions may prevent us flying. We also monitor the weather forecast during the day so we can maximise shooting time.

Do the wind speeds affect the aircraft?

Yes the wind speed is something we have to consider before flying. We can not fly in winds above 14mph for safety reasons. High winds affect the stability of the aircraft introducing vibrations into the footage.

How fast can the aircraft fly?

We are able to fly 25-30mph.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes we can fly indoors if the location allows room for us to manoeuvre.

How high can you fly?

Our permission for aerial work from the CAA allows us to operate at a ceiling of 400ft. This is normally high enough for most scenarios.

How far from the operator can you fly?

We are able to fly 500 meters fro the operator but normally flying between 50-100 meters is enough. If there is a requirement for long tracking shots we normally use a follow vehicle.

Are there any limitations to where you can fly?

In order to operate in the UK and in accordance with our licence we must not:-


Fly over or within 150 metres of any congested area of a city, town or settlement without prior exception form the CAA. This requires a safety case being submitted to the CAA in advance.


Fly within 50 metres of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the Remote Pilot; during take-off or landing, however, the aircraft must not be flown within 30 metres of any person, unless that person is under the control of the Remote Pilot.


Flying within controlled airspace (around airports for example) needs clearance from the control tower which we can arrange.


We also need to be aware of sensitive areas like prisons, military facilities etc. We  check every location in advance of the shoot and can obtain permissions if it’s possible.

Ar there any safety issues?

Our flight crews are very experienced and safety always comes first. Before each flight operation we will brief everyone so it;s clear how we will be operating.

Are you qualified?

All our pilots have undertaken the BNUC-S pilots training course. We have permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to operate a UAV for commercial purposes, this is not an option in the UK. This in turn allows us hold the required level of insurance.

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What we can and can't do with a drone when filming
Questions answered on how we operate a UAV drone for filming and photography - permission, weather, indoors, height, distance etc