The Fly Company | The Fly Company -Aerial photography and filming across the UK
Remote aerial photography specialists for print, web and broadcast using UAV drones across the UK, Devon and the South West
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Aerial Photography


Capturing aerial stills for the creative industries without the cost of a manned helicopter


Our team is able to offer high resolution stills for the creative industries. All our camera operators have traditional photographic and post production skills to make sure we deliver professional images.

Unique perspective

Flying up to 400ft gives you the bigger picture


Our Equipment

Our aircraft are designed in-house using the latest UAV and gimbal technology providing a stable platform for capturing sharp aerial images.
Due to the small nature of the UAV, we are able to fly a lot closer to our focal point, and  more easily in built up areas at a fraction of the cost of manned helicopters.
We shoot using the latest DSLR cameras to provide images up to a resolution of 4608×3456 pixels.

360 degree views

Capture everything with sharp high resolution images


There are a number of benefits to using a UAV for aerial stills over conventional manned helicopters.

  • Cheaper than manned helicopters
  • Fly from 1ft to 400ft
  • Travel internationally
  • More versatile
  • Independent of third parties for flight operations
  • Safer
  • Set up and deploy quickly

Access all areas

Capture stunning photography from view points not easily accessible



There are a number of application aerial stills can be used for.

• Event marketing

• Property marketing

• School and university marketing

• Archeology and heritage

• Construction Progress

• 3D visualisation

• 360 Panoramas

• Golf course marketing

• Leisure industry marketing

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