The Fly Company | The Fly Company - Remote aerial drone (UAV) filming in the UK
Specialist in remote aerial filming and photography for the film, television and branded content agencies across the UK, Devon and the South West.
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Aerial Filming


With the latest flight technology and 4K resolution cameras we provide unique aerial filming possibilities using our custom designed remotely piloted aircraft.


We see a UAV as a tool to get the required shots. This is why we are professional creatives first. All our pilots and operators have worked in in the film and television industry as part of the camera  crew bringing with them the unique experience needed to create cinematic images. We are comfortable working on professional film sets and understand the demands of the production day and working with directors and DOPs.
We are able to provide full production and post production services through our parent company Roar Films making a hassle free workflow from shooting to delivery.


Low level tracking

We are able to fly 500m from the pilot allowing long tracking shots without the need for dolly and track


Our Aircraft

Our aircraft are designed in house with the latest UAV and gimbal technology making them stable and reliable.
Each aircraft has full GPS features and failsafes built in for safe operation and the Movi M5 3 axis gimbal giving us full control over the camera movement.


Our team understands fully how each aircraft is built and operates having custom built them in-house. This allows us to maintain them in the field reducing any possibility of downtime on the day.



Extending crane shots

Being able to fly from 1ft to 400ft our crane shots can keep on going.


Using a remotely piloted aircraft has a number of benefits over traditional manned helicopters as well as cranes and dollies.

  • Faster to deploy with fewer restrictions than manned aircraft
  • Cheaper than conventional helicopter
  • Fly at very low altitudes
  • Fewer crew members needed

Over water

Able to access areas that traditionally required manned aircraft or complex rigging



We can provide aerial filming for a number of creative applications.

Film and television

Property marketing

Automotive marketing

News broadcasting

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