The Fly Company | The Fly Company - Industry professional UAV (drone) operators in the UK
A team of film and television professionals operating remote aerial UAV (drones) for filming, photography, survey and inspection across the UK, devon and Europe.
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Why Us

Who We Are

The Fly Company was established as a response for the need to have an aerial team with a background in the film and television industry. Unfortunately it isn’t just the case of putting a UAV in the air, there is the firm requirement to execute a well designed shot, understand set etiquette and communicate with the other members of a production in an experienced way. Our flight crew is comprised of established members of the camera department having worked on flagship television dramas, feature films, commercials and music videos, we understand the aesthetics of getting a great shot. We also build and maintain all our aircraft in-house so we know how to get them operating at their maximum potential.

When undertaking survey or inspection work, we operate closely with the client to obtain the information that’s needed. In many cases we work alongside established professionals.

Company Director / UAV Pilot

Darren Vincent

With over 15 years experience working as a key member of the camera department for the film and television industry, Darren is comfortable being on a professional film set. This experience has given him a firm grounding on how to manage himself with key production personnel and making sure that he delivers what is needed. He also has a wealth of technical and flying knowledge with regards to UAVs.

Camera operator

Mark Maidment

Mark has worked behind the camera on television dramas and feature films for over 25 years. Mark brings a wealth of technical knowledge to The Fly Company and an eye for a great shot. His experience allows Mark to work closely with clients and achieve perfectly executed shots.

Project Manager

Pippa Payne

With 12 years experience in London working for international companies including both television production and branded content, Pippa has strong experience of handling complex projects, interpreting a brief and handling all aspects of a job. Having been involved with the Fly Company from the beginning she feels fully at home with the UAV industry and technology.

Article Name
Why choose us for remote aerial filming. photography, survey and inspection.
We are film industry professionals with CAA approval providing remote aerial UAV (drones) for filming, photography, survey and inspection.